‘In so much pain!’ Kelly Brook suffers after beauty procedure leaves face ‘burnt all over’
15th March 2022

Kelly Brook chats to OK! Magazine about her love for F&F

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Kelly Brook, 42, is known for her youthful looks as well as British reality TV shows. The model spoke in a recent interview about how she is in “so much pain” after completing her latest beauty ritual that has left her “burnt all over”.

I’ve burnt it all over!

Kelly Brook

Kelly currently co-presents the Heart London drive show with Jason King.

Whilst on the show yesterday, Kelly wore sunglasses and her hair up, a far cry from her usual glam.

Kelly said on last night’s show: “Have you ever looked in the mirror and you’ve got something hanging out of your nose or there’s something on your face, and no colleague has told you about it and you’re like, ‘how long have I walked around like that for today?’

“Well, I literally had mascara all down my face, like it had looked like I had been crying for days.

“And this is because I’ve had to put so much cream on my face. Because I’ve burnt my face.

“I’ve burnt it all over, I’m in so much pain. I’ve done a chemical peel haven’t I…again.”

Jason replied: “Again! That’s the issue!”

Kelly agreed: “I never learn, I never learn.”

Jason continued: “Learn when to stop, look again, I thought because you’d talked about that when you came in, you walked through the door I said ‘Hi Kelly’ and you said ‘Don’t look at my face!’ I thought…”

Kelly replied: “I’m shedding like a snake!”

The model reveals many juicy details on the radio show, recently talking about her Oscars party experience.

She once had to “scale” a fence to get into a glamorous Oscars bash.

Kelly began: “I’ve got a brave story.

“I was trying to blag my way into an Oscar party in Hollywood once and they wouldn’t let me in.”

When her name was not on the list, she decided she needed to take the matter into her own hands.

She continued: “I just said to the security guard, are there any weak areas of the perimeter, and he was like, ‘yes mam, Bedford Avenue’.

“I was like, ‘gotcha’, me and my mate just walked around the back and scaled the fence’.”

Kelly is known for her looks and is regarded as a style icon in Britain.

She was crowned Sexiest Woman in the World in 2005 and as of 2015 has appeared in every FHM Sexiest countdown since 1998.

As well as co-presenting Jason’s radio show, Kelly also presents the National Heart radio show on the Feel Good Weekend show on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.

Tune into JK and Kelly Brook from 4pm – 7pm, every Monday to Friday, and every Saturday morning from 9am – 12pm on Heart

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