‘I’d end things’ The Chase’s Jenny Ryan spills on big ‘red flag’ in rare love life insight
14th January 2022

The Chase: Bradley says Jenny Ryan looks 'lovely'

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Jenny Ryan had been browsing on the Twitter account, @fesshole, which comedically invites readers to “confess sins anonymously”. Earlier today, she saw one that she thought demonstrated a definite no-no in relationships and didn’t hesitate to retweet.

I’d go so far as to end things

Jenny Ryan

“I once dumped someone because they didn’t like Paddington 2,” the account had posted.

Wryly exercising her sense of humour, she replied: “Fair enough.

“This is a massive red flag, absolute deal-breaker.

“I’d go so far as to end things if they were *ambivalent* to Paddington 2,” she joked.

@BeardyBassist retorted: “Harsh. Why dump them because you like bad films?”

However, @utterlybasil chimed in: “Have you seen Paddington 2? It’s a masterpiece of its genre.”

Replying directly to Jenny, who tweets at @jenlion, @PaulWurgisnacht quipped that disliking the animated children’s movie was a “surefire sign of absolute soullessness.”

@Jenson_Todd was equally supportive, claiming: “It’s not the greatest sequel (that title goes to Toy Story 2) but it’s damn close.”

Jenny is known for her witty comebacks and yesterday she posted other amusing quips on her Twitter account, in view of more than 104,000 avid followers.

When one user, @BradleySmith32, slighted her with the comment: “You are our least favourite (apart from @DarraghEnnis). You just come across as a complete smarta**e”, she had her answer ready.

“Literally my job, babe x,” she fired back.

Meanwhile, without skipping a beat, co-star Anne Hegerty tagged Bradley, Jenny and even ITV in her reply.

“Slightly affronted that you think I’m NOT a complete smarta**e,” she told the troll, who – according to the criteria – seemed to be delivering an insult by not disliking her.

Meanwhile humorously self-deprecating Darragh Ennis joined the banter to address Jenny with: “Ooh, I’m the least favourite?

“Finally I beat you at something!”

However, some took the slights seriously, with @PamHarper20 blasting: “Why do people do that?

“Would they go shopping and say ‘You’re my second least favourite checkout operator’?”

They blasted: “They must have been dragged up not brought up.”

@theatomsplits concluded with the advice: “You should get some t-shirts printed with “Complete Smarta**e” in big letters! Wear it with pride!!”

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