How ‘RHOA’ star Tanya Sam went from nursing to tech
5th December 2018

The latest addition to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has an impressive résumé.

Tanya Sam was a nurse working in oncology and hematology before switching gears into a technology-focused career — and becoming a reality star. She first appeared on the Bravo series during the Nov. 25 episode.

“I was a registered nurse for 10 years,” Sam recently told Page Six. “Then I started dating Paul, my fiancé, a serial entrepreneur — he went to Morehouse, got a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech — so he is like the quintessential tech genius geek.”

“He was building his third cybersecurity startup, him and his co-founder. Our dates would involve, ‘Hey I just got to go and talk about some coding technology and how to save the Internet.’ So I just kind of sat in. And so as they were building that company I got more and more involved in building that company. So I say it was kind of like a real-life business school.”

Now, Sam is the Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs, a technology startup hub and venture capital fund. She also cofounded BuiltxWomen and leads Ascend 2020.

“I tell people working in like fast paced oncology and bone marrow transplant is very similar to working in a startup because it’s always on,” she told us. “It is so fast-paced. You can never sit down. You can barely go to the bathroom! Except there’s no blood, so that’s good!”

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