Hounded stars recall being covered in bacon and chased by dogs
5th November 2022

Hounded: Trailer for British horror film starring Samantha Bond

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Hounded followers a group of troublemaking friends as they break into a home and end up being chased in a twisted fox hunt. The terrifying idea was closer to reality for some cast as actor Malachi Puller-Latchman has a very real fear of animals, revealing that he wasn’t acting in some scenes. 

Hounded stars Malachi, Hannah Traylen and director Tommy Boulding spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press at MCM Comic Con in London. 

When asked what it was like behind-the-scenes of the new intense thriller film, Malachi simply stated: “A lot of screaming. 

“I’m afraid of dogs so a lot of the time I was complaining about the dogs.”

“I don’t really like animals, I can do a cat, but horses and dogs no. Like having them actually there chasing us it was very real. 

“I wasn’t acting half the time, you see me screaming and running I’m being for real. I’m pretty scared.

“Even the horses, if they got loose I was gone.”

Hannah laughingly chipped in, recalling how Malachi had even been spooked by some local dogwalkers near where they were filming. 

She said: “It was like the second week and these people were walking their dogs and you just started running!

“I’m like Mali, we’re not even filming.”

While it may have been a terrifying experience for Malachi, both actors admitted being “literally thrown in and chased by dogs” added to their performance. 

The actual dogs used for filming still had to be somewhat coerced, as Hannah noted another actor had bacon slathered on him to attract the hounds. 

While Hannah and Malachi avoided that fate, they were thoroughly covered in flour when the film wrapped. 

Hannah shared: “There was an explosion and me and Malachi were in the store room and there was this rig meant to look like dust because the walls are shaking but it was just a load of flour that tipped. 

“So when we wrapped and everyone’s like yeah, we were just covered in flour in all the pictures. It was really good fun.”

Malachi highlighted that when he wasn’t being chased by dogs or covered in flour, he was dapperly dressed in Crocs. 

He joked: “At this point I should be some sort of ambassador for Crocs. It doesn’t matter if it was in the field or the house, I had Crocs.”

The two actors evidently have a strong bond, as they easily jumped off each other’s sentences during the interview, and this could be down to the film too as Hannah explained, saying more than Malachi would have preferred.  

She revealed: “Me and Mali were staying in the same digs and we just developed a really strong friendship from the beginning so that chemistry translates. 

“I remember the scene near the end you were so snotty at one point you almost ate your snot. So we really grafted for it. That’s method mate.”

Director Tommy Boulding appeared quite proud of the fact that very little of the film used CGI and VFX effects. 

Hounded was filmed in 18 days, all on-location on a relatively rural 700-acre farm and what little technology had to be used was usually to erase the odd telephone pole.

Hounded is available to watch on Disney+.

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