Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts lost for words as he issues important message
18th November 2021

Martin Roberts celebrates finishing The Real Full Monty

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Martin Roberts, 57, had been teasing a new TV project for many weeks before he finally revealed he would taking part in ITV’s The Real Full Monty, where he put on a sensational performance for charity on Tuesday night. The striptease will air on our screens next month and following the success of the big night, the Homes Under The Hammer star took to social media to thank fans for their support, while encouraging them to get themselves checked if they spot any worrying health signs.

It was amazing and Dave would be proud

Martin Roberts

In a new video on Twitter, he beamed: “That’s it! We did it!

“We’ve just done The Real Full Monty!”

Martin struggled to hide his emotion as he couldn’t stop smiling.

“Amazing audience, yeah… quite extraordinary.

“But we pulled it off! Wow… yeah, yeah… wow,” he stuttered as he shook his head, lost for words.

“It was amazing, and Dave would be proud.

“And if it gets more people to go and visit their doctor sooner rather than later, then that’s job done!”

Martin added with a grin: “Make sure you watch it when it comes out in December, and you can see The Real Full Monty!”

Alongside the video, he wrote the caption: “We did it! Thanks for all your kind words of support.

“It’s going to be a blast of a show to watch!! I hope you enjoy it.

“And don’t forget the main message – get yourself checked out at the first sign of anything not right with your body. No matter how embarrassing, big love.”

The ITV charity extravaganza is held annually, to raise awareness for cancer.

Martin previously revealed why the event has a special place in his heart.

The BBC star revealed his best friend of 35 years Dave, was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer six years ago, and died after battling the disease.

“Two years [after diagnosis], aged 54, he died, leaving a wife and two teenage daughters,” Martin said candidly on Instagram.

“It devastated us all.

“If my involvement in The Real Full Monty encourages even just one person to get checked out sooner than they otherwise would have done, and thereby avoid the pain and suffering that David and his family have gone through, then this will have been the most important show I’ve ever been involved in!” he added.

Martin was especially shaken by the fact that Dave had been exactly the same age as him when he died.

There are currently more than 375,000 cancer diagnoses in the UK every year – an increasing number that the show is battling to raise awareness of.

But the performance’s all-star cast will certainly grab attention for the cause.

Martin was joined by Love Island favourites Demi Jones and Terry Soares, EastEnders actress Laila Morse, Blue singer Duncan James and reality TV star Christine McGuinness, among others.

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