"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry Responded To John Oliver Calling Him A Fake-Ass
2nd March 2019

“Grief vampire” Tyler Henry is what would happen if that lady with the big hair from Long Island who makes deli workers cry by pretending she’s speaking with their dead sisters had a baby with Rupert Everett. He’s E!’s “Hollywood Medium” and his line of bullshit has captivated celebrities like the Koven. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver recently suggested that Henry is the twink version of your classic grifter, and Tyler responded to the accusation on Access Live. And then he predicted Oliver’s death. (He didn’t but that would have been a fantastic mic drop.)

Before NBC creep Matt Lauer was removed from the Today show, he got a reading from Tyler about his dead father which he claimed was accurate. In a recent diatribe about greedy “psychics”, John Oliver brought that up. (via Philly Voice)

“Look, maybe Tyler Henry genuinely accessed the afterlife, an action which would fundamentally change our understanding of everything on earth,” Oliver said.

“Or, maybe he just Googled ‘Matt Lauer Dad’ and hit the f***ing jackpot.”

In his reading, Tyler mentioned Lauer and his dad fishing. Oliver showed numerous examples from past interviews (and a clip from a sitdown Matt did with Larry King) in which fishing with his dad was mentioned as a favorite pastime of theirs.

When asked about this on Access Live, Tyler visibly reddened (whether out of anger or fear, who knows), pursed his lips and responded with some fairly slick bullshit.

“When it comes to those situations, and in that particular piece – he talked about the Matt Lauer reading and the fact that there is a lot of public information about Matt Lauer. It’s something I deal with fairly often, the fact that I read celebrities, and I feel that the information that came through was so specific and personal. And Matt Lauer was able to validate that a number of things that came through he had never discussed publicly. So, to me, that validates the process. But I’m used to skeptics. I read a lot of celebrities with public lives. And it’s the information for the client that they hear and it’s personal and specific that they take away from and they get emotional by. It’s not the stuff they know they’ve discussed in the past.”

When Tyler was asked if he’d called John Oliver and offered to read him (READ HIM TO FILTH, GURL), he responded:

“That would be fascinating, we might need to see about that.”

And then he made a “call me, John!” hand sign to the camera. Tyler Henry is full of shit. And here’s why. If he CAN speak with the dead and those dead people can tell him what’s going to happen, why in hell wouldn’t he go for an UTTER ratings grab and reveal on his show (prior to it happening) that Matt Lauer needed to dismantle the door lock button under his desk and start paying women off because the shit was coming down on his perv ass? The Alan Thicke thing? Eh. Warning Lauer that the jig was up (unlike his pants)? Now I believe you. Here’s my money. Ask Auntie where she left the will.

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