Holly and Phil frustrated as This Morning’s Spin to Win goes wrong for the third time in a row
27th May 2021

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were convinced Ant and Dec were winding them up on This Morning after a third disastrous gameshow where they were unable to find a contestant.

The show hosts were playing regular segment Spin to Win, where viewers phone in to spin the wheel and win a cash prize – but to be able to play, they have to answer their phone with that day's password rather than saying hello.

On Tuesday's show, Holly and Phil played Spin to Win twice to make up for not being able to find a contestant who answered their phone and remembered the password on Monday – but when they were unable to find a single contestant in either game, they started to wonder whether they were victims of a Saturday Night Takeaway prank.

During the first game, viewers answered with hello, didn't answer at all, and one person used the previous day's password as Holly put her head in her hands.

But during the second game where three contestants answered with a hello and a fourth's phone didn't even connect, an exasperated Holly asked: "Come on, is this a wind up, are Ant and Dec in here somewhere? This is unbelievable."

As Phil stamped his foot and cut one viewer off after berating her for saying hello, Holly told him: "That was so rude!"

Both hosts lost their patience with Spin to Win by the end of the second round, joking that they didn't want to play again.

Holly said: "Right, that's it, I'm not playing any more, you're not playing by the rules, you're not playing fairly."

She added: "People have got post-lockdown giddiness, they've all gone out, they don't care about us any more. They don't love us any more."

The pair's producer told them they would be playing twice again on Wednesday to make up for the lack of winner this week, leaving Holly and Phil dreading calling more viewers.

Holly said: "No I don't want to play twice tomorrow, I don't want to play at all any more."

Phil added: "Do we have to? Do we have to play at all?"

However, it wasn't all bad news as the presenters announced that they would be donating the top cash prize of £3,000 to Newhope Animal Rescue Centre who had appeared earlier in the show to talk about the dangers of buying a lockdown puppy and had won their hearts with dog guests Pablo, Buddy and Taz.

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