Hillary Clinton says she and Bill love taking long walks, watching TV & playing games
28th October 2020


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I listened to Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Just B, for the first time and almost turned it off. Her voice is grating, she swears a lot in the intro which is understandable and I do too, but it’s grosser from her somehow. At one point she compared a paper straw to “a limp d*ck that started off hard” when trying to talk about her efforts to go green. I did not enjoy listening to her, but I wanted to get to the point where she talked to Hillary Clinton, which was more than worthwhile. Bethenny’s show is number one on Apple podcasts and Hillary’s new show, You and Me Both, is second. That seems to be how they got connected with each other. Hillary said so many thoughtful important things, and it just made me sad and wistful for what could have been. I appreciated how open and well spoken she is. I think about her almost every day. Here’s some of what Hillary said in her interview with Bethenny.

“Do you feel that you’re becoming more authentic?”
I always felt like I had a mission or a purpose to make something out of my own life and also to give back. I feel like I’m on this earth to make things better for people who don’t have those advantages that I’ve been given. The word “authentic” gets thrown around a lot. I feel like I’ve been exactly the same person my entire life, but I’m really well aware of public perceptions. Being in political life is sometimes a barrier to people really seeing or getting to know you.

The challenge of being a woman
Part of the challenge, especially when you’re a woman is… recognizing that there’s still this gigantic double standard. We are still judged on a different set of criteria than men in public life, or men in business or men in academia. You name it. There is still a different set of expectations. I’ve been first in a lot of areas so I’ve had to go into the traffic and try to figure out how I was going to maneuver and get through it. There’s still a big burden on women in the public arena that we have to just keep pushing forward with.

On being married to Bill for 45 years [this is at minute 26]
[She said Bill was really supportive behind the scenes before this.] I’ve had a somewhat public marriage but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s just so much more in a relationship, certainly in our marriage that I have benefitted from [and] am grateful for.I had to make a hard decision like many millions of women throughout history. It was not easy. [People] on all sides telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. I had to dig down deep [and think] ‘what is right for me, for my family, for the kind of life that I want to keep living and the person I want to keep becoming?’ I made the decision to stay in the marriage, to focus on it and to be as committed as I could be. I don’t pretend that my decision is the right decision for everybody. If you really think it through you come to the decision that’s right for you.

On women being more empathic
The countries with the best outcomes [during the pandemic] were run by women. In New Zealand, Taiwan, Germany, Finland, Denmark. Many of them were moms, many of them were more open to feeling the fear and anxiety that people had and being more inclusive and listening. [This] led to measurable results.

“Do you feel like you went gangster enough with Trump?”
I thought about that a lot. [In my book] What Happened I wrote a chapter about women in politics [and] how do you deal with somebody that aggressive? In retrospect, I could have tried a few different things. Still, you’ve got to be careful as a woman. They get to be aggressive but if we’re aggressive we pay a price for it. I think I could have tried a few other tactics.

On her mantra
‘Keep going and be grateful.’ When you’re knocked down, which everybody is, you’ve got to find a way to get back up. Maybe you get to your knees first and then you grab on something, you pull yourself up. Keep going and be grateful. Everyday.

I really believe that gratitude is a discipline and if you practice it, it has really good effects on you.

[From the Just B podcast]

Hillary also said she and Bill make time for playing word puzzles and games and that they love to take long walks and watch TV together. It was really nice to hear. She said “you have to make a real point of it. Working on relationships is hard. It takes patience and practice. It’s like anything else, if you value it, you do it.” It was a rare look into the day-to-day reality of their life and she made it clear that they spend a lot of time together. She said they’re quarantined with Chelsea and her family including their three grandchildren. They have a granddaughter, six, and grandsons, aged four and one. Hillary called the memories of their time together “priceless.”

At one point they talked about people loving or hating them and Hillary said you can’t live in either realm and just have to be balanced and yourself. Bethenny tried to turn it around into a discussion about cancel culture without saying that directly and Hillary made it about having a conversation and finding common ground. Hillary also talked about her mom’s difficult childhood and how that motivated her to work for children’s causes, which she made a key point in her campaign too. I enjoyed this interview so much. I don’t think I’ll listen to Bethenny’s podcast again unless she has another amazing guest, but I doubt she’ll top Hillary. Maybe she’ll be able to book Oprah or Michelle.


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