Hannah Brown Is ‘Thankful For Home’ Following Messy N-Word Controversy & Talks ‘Humblin
1st July 2020

Hannah Brown knows there’s truly no place like home when you’re feeling down in the dumps.

The 25-year-old former Bachelorette has been relatively quiet on social media following her icky N-word controversy back in mid-May, except for a few appropriately-timed posts in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But on Tuesday, she took to Instagram and opened up about finding her happiness again after the scandal.

Alongside a photo of herself smiling and dolled up in a floral gown, seemingly in her hometown, the Alabama native began:

“A picture can’t really capture how much I love my people and my home… but this is pretty close. I’m thankful for home. More so, I’m thankful for what I’m realizing home truly is. Home is not the town. It’s not the four walls. Those physical things aren’t the reason we take a deep breath and feel settled and safe again. What makes something feel like home… is the people that make you feel settled and safe. The people that hear that deep breath and know they need to run to you with a big hug, or take a minute to help you process while you ramble off thoughts. And they can be anywhere.”

She went on to say the people who make you feel like “home” are the ones who not only point out your faults, but individuals who help you work through them:

“How do you find those people? Great question. Look for the ones that can sit with you in the middle of your messy life. The ones that don’t point out the dirty dishes or the piles of unfolded laundry. Instead they just plop down next to you and say, “my life is pretty messy too… but while I’m here, wanna clean up together?”⁣

The one-time reality TV starlet concluded with a poignant reflection on her very public and messy mistake, and intentions for the future:

“The past few months at home have brought me to my knees (ok, lets be real, a full frontal face plant). This season has led me to the humbling position to receive the grace, feel the love… and save some room for a big slice of humble pie to take with me on the way back to the next season starting anew. I’m more than where I’ve been… and I can be more than where I’ve come from. I’m thankful for my people who love me just where I’m at, that’s home to me.”

Wise words!

It does sound like she’s learned a lot from that whole ordeal and we hope she continues to actively work towards being anti-racist (an important distinction to simply being “not racist”) in her everyday life now that the dust has settled. A great example of this would be the conversation she shared with a racial identity coach named Michelle Saahene (below) just a few weeks ago:

ICYMI, Hannah Beast’s third and seemingly final apology for saying the N-word came in the form of a lengthy IGTV video message where she urged her followers not to defend her use of the slur. Alongside the clip, she wrote:

“I wholeheartedly take accountability for the disappointment and pain I caused by saying this word and while I know I can’t take it back, I can listen, learn, and take action to continue the dialogue and be apart of this historical and necessary change. It is SO important to me to tell y’all that there is no defending what I said, and I hope this video helps you understand why you should not defend me either.”

We’re looking forward to the new and improved version of Hannah who’s full of accountability and wish her well in this next season of life!

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