Gina Carano is a full-throttle moron who spreads anti-mask conspiracies
16th November 2020

We truly haven’t covered anything to do with Gina Carano in six years. Back then, people cared about her because she had transitioned from a serious career in MMA to a serious career in acting. She was also in the gossip blogs because of her on-and-off thing with Henry Cavill for a time. Cavill ended up dumping her so he could date some college student, remember that? Good times. Well, anyway, Carano is still around. She’s in The Mandalorian and… not a lot of other stuff these days. But everyone watches The Mandalorian, so people have a renewed interest in her, which has led to some catastrophes.

She made news a few months ago when she was making fun of the whole idea of telling people which pronouns you use – many people will put “she/her” or “he/him” in their social media bios, and Carano thinks that’s super-funny, that we would want to welcome transgender people into society by using their preferred pronouns right off the bat. I didn’t cover that at the time but it was definitely a conversation happening, that Gina was transphobic and maybe Disney needed to fire her from The Mandalorian (they did not fire her).

Her latest controversy is that she’s basically a full-throttle Facebook dumbass who promotes dangerous anti-mask conspiracies:

— Gina Carano 🕯 (@ginacarano) November 15, 2020

— Gina Carano 🕯 (@ginacarano) November 15, 2020

Yeah. Dangerous assholery. I ended up looking through her Twitter – even though she’s trying to get people on Parler, which is apparently the new social media for fascists – and she’s problematic as they come. She’s retweeting conspiracies about the election and she’s f–king obsessed with the idea that lockdown measures in the middle of a massively deadly pandemic are somehow thwarting her FREEDUMB. I can’t with any of this. These people – Gina and all of these Covid-denying Trump supporters – are literally killing people with their dumbass conspiracies. Cancelled.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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