Get to Know 10 Fun Facts About Annabelle’s Book Club Founder Annabelle Chang (Exclusive)
14th August 2023

Annabelle Chang is making a name for herself in the YA book space!

The 17-year-old book lover opened her very own bookstore, Annabelle’s Book Club LA, which is a YA-focused bookstore sparking imagination, inspiring connections and bringing joy to those of all ages.

Book lovers can find an array of different kinds of books in the store, from general interest, art and coffee table books to book-themed merch designed by Annabelle herself.

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Annabelle has a major, close connection to the book industry, as her mom Amanda Brown, wrote the novel “Legally Blonde,” which was then turned into a super popular movie series and a Broadway musical!

We caught up with Annabelle Chang and got to know 10 Fun Facts about her. Find out what she shared with us below…

  • 1. ​​​My best friend is my identical twin, Audrey. I am older by one minute.
  • 2. I have canceled my driver’s license test at least 9 times, but I am finally going to do it next month (probably).
  • 3. The most starstruck moment I’ve ever had was meeting Judy Blume. She is my idol, and it was the highlight of my life.
  • 4. My favorite episode of Psych is “American Duos.” I quote Shawn from this episode regularly.
  • 5. I am very superstitious and take fortune cookie predictions very seriously.
  • 6. I don’t wear makeup, but I am obsessive about sunblock.
  • 7. Karaoke gives me major anxiety!
  • 8. My favorite item in my wardrobe is a pair of Rag & Bone jeans I’ve been wearing since 8th grade.
  • 9. My little sister, Ames, is my inspiration. She is bold and fearless!
  • 10. My favorite musical is Dear Evan Hansen.

Check out photos of Annabelle’s Book Club LA in the gallery, and you can visit the store in person, in Studio City, Calif., or you can check out their website!

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