Gary Lineker sparks backlash as he dismisses Union Jack flags ahead of Queen’s Jubilee
23rd May 2022

Gary Lineker discusses the start of his presenting career

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Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has sparked a backlash over his comments about flags ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Taking to Twitter, the sports broadcaster, 61, revealed his inability to “get excited” by the Union Jack weeks before the queen’s Jubilee.

They’re just pieces of cloth with a stick, right?

Gary Lineker

In view of his 8.4 million followers, the pundit made divisive remarks over the items.

Gary wrote: “I’ve tried really hard, but I just can’t get excited by flags. Any flags.

“They’re just pieces of cloth with a stick, right?

“Does it make me a bad person?” he asked.

He went on: “I’m as patriotic as anyone, but flags?

“Now a Union Jack stick of rock: Oh Yes!” he ended his post.

The star was soon faced with comments disagreeing with his thoughts on flags.

Twitter user @Dog_Meat_Man wrote: “A piece of cloth on a stick?

“Technically, yeah, but it’s what that cloth represents that’s important.

“What it stands for. It’s who we, or anyone else, is,” they added.

@CraigIrvinee commented: “When I drive along and see someone with a Union Jack flying in their garden it does make me smile, not that it really matters, just nice to see some people are still proud of the country we are fortunate enough to live in.

However, others agreed with the star, with @potatodoctor replying: “I agree 100% Gary, I don’t see the point of them and all they do is cause trouble and division.”

The Queen is celebrating the unprecedented milestone for a British monarch in 2022 as she marks her Platinum Jubilee.

As a result, the Uk is getting an extra bank holiday this year to honour the occasion in early June.

Flags have already started being put up around the country, with London’s Oxford and Regent’s Streets having most recently been adorned in the red, white and blue pattern.

The bank holiday is set to take place on Thursday June 2 as it has replaced the usual late May bank holiday.

It comes as the star presented his final Match of the Day of the season.

On Sunday, the pundit was inundated with messages from fans of the show who told how they were already looking forward to next season’s programme following the end of the league.

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