Floyd Mayweather, 41, Keeps Undefeated Record By Destroying Tenshin Nasukawa, 20, In 1 Round — Watch
1st January 2019

Floyd Mayweather isn’t letting his crown slip! Watch the moment he destroyed a 20-year-old boxer, Tenshin Nasukawa, in just 1 round.

Floyd Mayweather just proved he’s still got it! The 41-year-old boxer stepped into the ring on Dec. 31 to take part in a highly publicized match against Tenshin Nasukawa. His opponent, who was literally half his age, didn’t last long amongst Floyd’s champion skills, and the former five-division world champion floored Tenshin not one, but three times before the end of the first round. Talk about a quick win!

The internet could hardly believe how quickly Floyd demolished his much younger opponent, and joked that it was the easiest money he’s ever made. “Floyd Mayweather just got paid millions of dollars to destroy Tenshin in less than a round. The greatest businessman in history,” one person tweeted. “Easy work for Flyod Mayweather. Shows how much of a joke this event was though,” another said of the match. “Floyd Mayweather just knocked this Tenshin kid out in 2 minutes to win $9M. Easiest money he’s ever made,” a third person wrote. Another fan felt that it was never a fair pairing to begin with! “Why anyone alive thinks they can box against Floyd Mayweather is beyond me,” another tweet read.

Despite his big win, Floyd didn’t take the time to gloat afterwards. In fact, he remained humble as ever, and insisted that he won’t be coming out of retirement again anytime soon. “It was all about entertainment. We had fun,” Mayweather said afterward. “I’m still retired. I don’t look forward to coming back to boxing. I did it just to entertain fans in Japan. I’m still retired, I’m still 50-0, and Nasukawa is still undefeated and a hell of a fighter,” he said in a statement.

It was back in 2017 that Floyd last came out of retirement. The boxer stepped up to Conor McGregor in a boxing ring on Aug. 26, and the highly publicized fight was broadcast all across america!  Floyd went on to win the fight, and reportedly earned over 300 million dollars.

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