Farrah Abraham Gets Slammed As A ‘Diva’ During Wild Screaming Match On ‘Ex On The Beach’
13th December 2018

Where Farrah Abraham goes, drama follows. She pissed off ‘Ex on the Beach’ co-star Cheyenne Parker so much he called her a ‘diva’ as the two almost came to blows during an epic war or words.

If fans thought Farrah Abraham brought the drama to Teen Mom OG, they haven’t seen anything yet! She’s appearing on season two of MTV’s Ex on the Beach and while her former beau Simon Saran shows up, it’s Fire Island‘s Cheyenne Parker who she gets in an epic fight with. In a sneak preview of the show which premieres on Dec. 20, she announces to the cast she’s turning in early for the night before Cheyenne asks her “Is it your favorite thing to do to not participate? Do you like to activate when you’re ready to piss everyone off and be a f**king nightmare?”

Cheyenne then reveals in a confessional, “Out of everyone in the house, Farrah’s just been standoffish and her attitude sucks. I don’t tolerate attitude or diva syndrome. There’s only room for one diva and that’s me.” Back among the others he tells her “I would actually like you to participate like everyone else in the house” as the 27-year-old claims she does until Cheyenne shoots back, “What are you contributing besides complaints?”

Farrah’s response is telling Chey to “Shut the f**k up and you go to bed,” then he really lets her have it in another confessional. “As far as celebrity status goes, Farrah thinks she’s over here on the A-list, but baby, I gotta tell you something, D-list for you,” he explains. Things get even more heated when the two start screaming each other and Cheyenne accuses her of making diva demands from the second the wakes up every day.

Big Brother’s Jozea Flores is seen sitting on a kitchen stool next to Farrah as she and the 31-year-old LOGO network star go head to head. “I’m caught in the middle and I’m looking left and I’m looking right and I’m like ‘Cheyenne you’re doing the right thing, you’re doing the Lord’s work’ and I’m looking at her like ‘you’re the devil,’” he revealed in a confessional.

Cheyenne then tells Farrah to “F**k off” while she calls him a “piece of sh*t,” and then he really lets her have it, telling the former Sixteen and Pregnant star, “I didn’t have to give birth to somebody to f**king make ratings” referring to her nine-year-old daughter SophiaAre You the One?’s Malcolm Drummer then reveals in a confessional, “There are certain boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Never bring a child into this situation. Walk away man, be better than that.”

The clip cuts back to Cheyenne and Farrah screaming at the top of their lungs at each other and getting closer and closer as if they might come to blows. She even grabs onto a kitchen stool before fellow cast mates step in to separate them. This looks SO juicy and we can’t wait to see what happens when season two of Ex on the Beach premieres on MTV on Dec. 20.

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