‘Extreme Love’ Preview: Dave Gushes Over Buying Ryan Gosling’s Movie Sex Doll
23rd December 2018

WE tv’s newest docuseries ‘Extreme Love’ premieres Dec. 28, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the show. Remember Ryan Gosling’s sex doll from ‘Lars & The Real Girl’? Well, she’s back!

Extreme Love is definitely going to be your new TV guilty pleasure. HollywoodLife is debuting an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the show featuring a sex doll enthusiast. Yes, really. Dave is the sex doll enthusiast, and even bought one of the sex dolls from the Ryan Gosling movie Lars & The Real Girl. The sex doll’s name is Bianca, and she “has a personality,” according to Dave. He gushes over the sex doll, calling her a “wonderful piece of art.”

Extreme Love, which premieres Dec. 28 at 10 p.m. on WE tv, will take an intimate look at some incredible and unusual real-life relationships over the course of 8 hour-long episodes. The show is based on the popular digital series of the same name. The couples from the premiere episodes include:

Kyle & Marg, Pittsburgh, PA: Everyone has a type, and grandmas just happen to be Kyle’s. Although he is deeply in love with Marg, his 91-year-old girlfriend, Kyle, 31, is not a one-woman-man. Enter the competition: Annie, a 68-year-old side piece. As long as Kyle is around, no one’s nana is safe. What will happen when he introduces his 91-year-old girlfriend to his mom?

Monica & Sid, Fort Worth, TX: Sid will stop at nothing to support his 700lb girlfriend, Monica, and help her gain weight. Her goal is to become immobile and to become the fattest woman in the world. With Monica eating between 6,000 – 8,000 calories a day, Sid gets a real thrill out of helping Monica maintain her calorie count. But everything changes when she gets pregnant.

Dave & Shawna, Nova Scotia, Canada: While Shawna has her own obsession with dogs, her fiancé Dave has his own unconventional obsession – sex dolls. While Shawna’s family reluctantly accepts his fetish, will they be as accepting when Shawna decides to get her own male sex doll to join the party?

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