Elon Musk Promises New Batch of #TwitterFiles on Hunter Biden Laptop
3rd December 2022

elon biden

Elon Musk is doing a new file dump that he says reflects Twitter’s alleged efforts to suppress stories about Hunter Biden‘s laptop in 2020 … causing a lot of outrage in right wing circles.

The Twit in Chief is set to follow up with another day of #TwitterFiles Saturday, which took the bird app by storm over the past 24 hours … this after the initial batch detailed alleged correspondence between former Twitter staffers and execs, suggesting they were censoring negative HB news.

Specifically, the internal emails cited by journo Matt Taibbi show how Twitter’s ex-head honchos apparently went out of their way to hide links to a story by the New York Post.

Published about a month before the election, it was touted as a bombshell report — which purported to describe messages the NYP says it retrieved from Hunter’s forsaken laptop … and one of those seems to indicate Ukrainian gas bigwigs were trying to meet President Biden via his son, who was in business with these folks at the time (around 2015 or so).

When this went live in 2020, any attempts to tweet links to the story were barred en masse on Twitter … and now, these #TwitterFiles pretty much seem to confirm it was, in fact, a coordinated effort in-house. The more troubling part, though … some of the emails appear to imply that Twitter was actually in touch with Biden’s campaign team … and conceding to their requests to kill the story, as they claimed the information had been hacked/stolen.

Twitter obliged, citing its terms and conditions to justify the move — not to mention the fact the info discussed hadn’t been independently verified — but since then … a majority of the materials on the laptop were authenticated as legit. The laptop was also deemed abandoned property after somebody turned it into a shop in 2019 … eventually finding its way into the hands of conservative operatives who ran with it and publicized its salacious contents.

In the end, however, the Hunter Biden chatter really amounted to nothing big picture.

There’s been a lot of handwringing in and around the GOP over this for a full two years — but now that these apparent revelations are coming to light … many are calling for congressional hearings and investigations into what they characterize as corruption/election interference. Basically, their argument is … Twitter blocked something that could’ve, perhaps, swung the election in Trump‘s favor — and they’re calling on POTUS to answer for it.

Of course, people on the other side are calling this a big nothing-burger — but time will tell if anything comes of it. Meanwhile, Elon’s just wielding his big Free Speech stick.

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