Drake Blamed by Earl Thomas and DeShon Elliott for the Ravens’ Loss to Titans in Playoff
13th January 2020

The Baltimore Ravens’ Earl Thomas blames the ‘In My Feelings’ hitmaker for ‘cursing’ his team while teammate DeShon Elliott already had a bad feeling before the game.

AceShowbizDrake was the reason why the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Tennessee Titans in the playoff, according to the Ravens’ Earl Thomas. The 30-year-old free safety claimed his football team fell victim to the Canadian rapper’s infamous “curse.” He tweeted, “The drake curse is real lol jk.”

Days before the playoff game, the “In My Feelings” star sent the Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson a happy birthday while wearing sweatpants bearing the “Big Truss” catchphrase used by the running back Mark Ingram jr. and other Ravens players this season.

Drake wished Lamar Jackson a happy birthday before the game

The Ravens approved of Drake’s message and Jackson called it “pretty cool,” while his teammate DeShon Elliott exclaimed, “Nooooo tell Drake to leave LJ alone until after the Super Bowl brah..” This prompted Los Angeles Rams’ Eric Weddle to laugh, but Elliott insisted, “You’ve seen the curse!!!!”

Many Ravens fans were not so impressed either. “Nooooooooo. Go away Drake,” one wrote. Another said, “Back off my homie…” More complaints flooded Twitter, “Don’t curse our team please,” “It’s over,” “Tell Drake to stay as far away as possible from us,” and “I blame Drake if we lose.”

Meanwhile, this person told Drake to curse Jackson’s rival Derrick Henry instead, “He’s a jinx! Go the eff on somewhere. Heard that D. Henry REALLY loves Drake. He should head on down to TN.”

Another wanted the rapper to support President Donald Trump so the politician would lose in the next election, “At this rate @Drake needs to endorse @realDonaldTrump 2020 cause the curse is REAL.”

The Ravens was knocked out of the playoffs by the Titans Saturday night, January 11 at M&T Bank Stadium with a 28-12 divisional-round loss. While many found Drake the easiest spacegoat, Jackson blamed himself. “We just beat ourselves. I had a lot of mistakes on my behalf,” he said after the game. “Three turnovers. That shouldn’t happen.”

Drake made no comment on the matter. Months before the Ravens became his so-called victim, he posted with boxer Anthony Joshua before his fight against Andy Ruiz Jr. The athlete vowed to “break the curse” but eventually lost to his opponent.

Others affected by Drake’s “curse” included the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Arsenal, and Conor McGregor.

People affected by Drake’s “curse”

In May, he even intentionally wore a Philadelphia 76ers jersey when the team was playing his favorite team Toronto Raptors. The Raptors eventually beat the 76ers and later went on to win the NBA Finals for the first time.

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