Dove Cameron Fires Back & Reveals Health Scare After Critics Slam Her For Missing ‘Clueless’ Shows
31st December 2018

Fans were furious with Dove Cameron after she missed a few ‘Clueless’ shows due to some serious health issues, and she blasted these haters for being utterly ‘disrespectful!’

“Hi loves. You’ve been asking what sent me to the ER the other night and I didn’t wanna leave you hanging,” Dove Cameron, 22, wrote to her Instagram followers on Dec. 30. The Liv & Maddie star is currently starring as Cher Horowitz in the off-Broadway production of Clueless: The Musical but has been absent lately. She explained why: “While I was dancing, something happened with my upper spine and neck and the surrounding nerves, which is why I couldn’t rotate my neck or back. I’ll be fine, but I need to rest and not aggravate my injury for a few days. Because of this, I have had to miss a few performances of Clueless: The Musical.”

After praising Katie Goffman and the rest of cast, Dove said, “I know you all saw some of my incredible shows, which warms my heart to no end. What doesn’t warm my heart is seeing all the cruel messages that I was getting on for being out of the show. Even though I had communicated that I was taking care of my health, I got messages saying I ‘ruined’ someone’s holiday, or that I was ‘so lazy’ because I ‘couldn’t get it together just for one show’ or I ‘didn’t care about my fans.”

“First: I so truly understand the sadness of not seeing the artist perform that you wanted to see. I am a fan of artists as well, and can relate because this exact thing has happened to me multiple times, BUT. When you buy a ticket to a shot, you buy a ticket to that show, and that is it. Artists are out all the time for sickness, injury, loss of voice and you are not necessarily guaranteed to see them perform on that day that you go.”

“Secondly: The impulse to punish, degrade and make an artist feel guilty for prioritizing their health over a few shows is not only inappropriate, but it is unsafe, objectifying and a bad example to others. I see this happen all the time with artists who are expected to be like robots and never go down, when our jobs are incredibly physically demanding (as our body IS our livelihood and job) and when we are, in fact, only human. And assuming that a person is ‘lazy’ is not only disrespectful to that person’s work ethic, but also, simply, baseless,” she wrote. Well said!

“All of this is to say,” Dove added, “ I LOVE My fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the well wishes. I am truly so sorry to have missed those few shows. Your support is unparalleled and I love you more than I could ever say. And to all the others, please learn to speak to artists (all artists are humans) with respect, and practice a little understanding and empathy.”

Dove had indicated she was having some health issues days before this epic clapback. “guys. i have 5 pinched nerves in my neck & back. FIVE. and my stabilizing bones on the top of my feet are visibly bruised because of how hard i’m stabilizing myself in these heels when i dance,” she tweeted on Dec. 26. A day later, she added that “my anxiety is at an all time high & i haven’t been the best version of myself the last few days. i think i’m going to try to take a social media break. just a few days. to see if it helps. i love you all so much! truly, from the purest part of my heart. thank you for everything.”

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