Donald Trump’s ‘Green Acres’ Duet Resurfaces To Celebrate Farm Bill, To Megan Mullally’s Dismay
21st December 2018

On Thursday, President Donald Trump decided that a celebration was in order as he prepared to sign the farm bill. The president took to his Twitter page to share his enthusiasm and he decided to share a video clip from many years ago that he thought would set the perfect tone for this particular accomplishment. Trump shared a clip from when he dressed as a farmer and sang the theme from Green Acres alongside actress Megan Mullally, and she’s got something to say about this throwback tribute.

As Fox News notes, President Donald Trump was set to sign the long-awaited farm bill on Thursday afternoon. The bill impacts funding for food assistance programs, legalizes hemp production, and provides a great deal of support for farmers across the country.

Despite the week being a tough one for the president in many regards, it seems he was feeling jolly about this bill finally reaching his desk. To get into the spirit of the signing he was about to hold, Trump tweeted out a short clip from the 2005 Emmy Awards show when he sang the Green Acres song while standing next to Will & Grace star Megan Mullally. It didn’t take long for the actress to share her response to the revival of the old clip.

Approximately 35 minutes after Trump posted his tweet, Mullally simply tweeted out an “omg.” Three minutes later, she tweeted that if anybody needed her, she’d be in a hole in the ground. Megan didn’t specify that the president’s post was what drove her to be feeling so embarrassed, but it was pretty obvious.

Over on her Instagram page, Mullally shared a screenshot of Trump’s Twitter page and post and simply wrote “no” as her caption. While Megan seemed rather uncomfortable during the original Emmy Awards performance as Trump sang the song, it seems she’s even more horrified by the fact that it was resurrected by the president himself.

As Page Six notes, Mullally is no Trump ally. Even if she was, this 2005 clip might be hard to revisit. However, given her strong distaste for the current president, it’s easy to see why she’s reacting as she is.

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Luckily, it looks like many of Megan’s social media followers understood her pain and were anxious to step up to lend their support during this trying time. Given all of the White House-related headlines generating buzz this week, and how frequently the president tweets, the chances seem good that Megan can forget about this incident relatively soon as people move on to other Trump-related issues.

As much as Megan Mullally might like to see this Green Acres video clip disappear from the internet entirely, that’s not going to happen. Perhaps the best she can hope for is that people forget about this sooner rather than later, and that the clip isn’t resurrected again anytime soon, by President Donald Trump or anybody else.

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