Don Cheadle Defends Kevin Hart Amid Backlash Over A Misinterpreted Viral Interview Moment!
16th August 2021

There are plenty of good things to see on Twitter every day, but boy, is there also a lot of overreaction, misinterpretation, misinformation, and stupidity, too…

We’re looking specifically at those latter problems here on Monday, as Don Cheadle has been forced to hand-hold whiny fans over what was supposed to nothing more than a funny viral interview moment in his sit-down with Kevin Hart a few days ago.

Cheadle, who is 56 years old, appeared on the comedian’s Peacock streaming talk show Hart to Heart at the end of last week. During the one-on-one chat, Hart quipped about the Hotel Rwanda star’s age — but the moment didn’t go over so well on social media!

Over the weekend, multiple people called out Hart and attempted to come to Cheadle’s defense after it appeared that the Avengers actor was disrespected by the A-list comedian. The clip, which you can see (below), first got traction on Friday after Hart posted it as a promo piece to his own Instagram account (below):

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real)

To use their own words…


On Instagram, several commenters were taken aback by Cheadle’s dead-pan reaction to Hart’s age comments, as you can see (below):

“The inflection in your voice seemed to imply, ‘damn N-word, you that old?’ Don got offended, so just own it and move on. ijs”

“He’s out here hurting peoples feelings”

Wow! Finally, after another viewer called Hart an “ass” in reference to the age joke and said Cheadle was “a beautiful black King” at “any age,” the Ocean’s 11 alum had enough and finally stepped in to save the host:

Come on, Don! You should know by now that asking people to watch an entire episode of something before commenting on it is totally not what Twitter is for! /sarc. LOLz!

Sarcasm aside, Cheadle is right, of course! In the context of the full episode (which you can see further below), it’s clear these guys are having a lot of fun taking harmless little jabs at each other — or, as Cheadle so perfectly said, “this is just how we play.”

Nothing wrong with that! These two do have a 20-year-long friendship, after all. It’s not like they’re still trying to feel each other out!

Thankfully, some (normal!) fans seemed to actually enjoy the “DAMN!” joke and the age riff for what they were!

As you can see, plenty of cooler heads eventually prevailed in the reactions (below):

“I can’t believe people are taking it so serious. Like how do you not see they’re just f**kin around”

“Fun is a forgotten commodity in today’s ‘everything is always bad’ culture.”

“I can’t believe people took this serious! We are living in bad times! People need something to be judgmental about at all times! Smdh”

“OMG! It’s comedy people. I swear Twitter just wants something to argue about.”

“You mean you’re friends? And you bust each other’s chops like friends do? Unheard of.”

“When your acting is so good that people don’t recognize you’re joking around too”

To be fair to the critics, maybe that last one is the most true — and it really confused people when Don kept a straight face through the whole bit!

Anyways here’s the ENTIRE episode (below) just as Cheadle requested, where he and Hart go back and forth for 42 minutes:

See?! Convinced yet??

Not saying Kevin hasn’t previously offended plenty of people… but not today. Nothing to get offended about this time around, y’all.

It’s just jokes!

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