Does Kylie Jenner really ‘look a decade older’ than 22, as the Daily Mail claims?
14th August 2019

Kylie Jenner turned 22 years old last weekend. She’s still so young, and weirdly, she’s the most drama-free of all of her sisters. Several years back, it was easy to cover Kylie because the only thing to really talk about was how much her face changed from month to month. She was constantly posting selfies and even with all of the filters and airbrushing, it was always clear that Kylie had gotten – and still gets – a significant amount of work. It started before she was even 18 – the lip injections, the Botox, the various surgical procedures to change her face and body. We talked about all of it as it was happening, and we criticized Kris Jenner for giving Kylie permission to do all of that sh-t before her 18th birthday too. So… is this headline fair or unfair?

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) August 13, 2019

First of all, how dare any “fan” act like they didn’t know Kylie’s age. Girl isn’t lying about her AGE. She lies about everything else but not that. Secondly, it is rude. But I’m not going to die on that hill to defend Kylie – all of the sisters are getting so much work and all of it is SO BAD. Khloe looks like a f–king cartoon. Kim looks like Beyonce. Kourtney… well, she looks halfway natural, maybe just some Botox and implants. Kendall’s face is increasingly messy too. And what’s really weird is that, like, all of the sisters just end up looking like their mother anyway. None of them will be happy until they all morph into Kris Jenner, just as Kris Jenner morphs into Michael Jackson.

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