Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 31 – #Justice4OliviaTheDogFromWidows
7th December 2018

This is our final regular episode of the year, because Allison is about to give birth to our third co-host, who is definitely going to outdo us in the jokes and “making sense” department. But before then, we shove our faces deep into a plate of Golden Globes and talk about the nominations including how Ted Danson and Olivia the Dog from Widows were wrongly snubbed. We also talk about the random one-second feud between Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman, and the cheesecake chaos caused by The Cheesecake Factory. We end by talking shit about Cardi B and Offset’s split, the six french fries serving suggestion from a Harvard professor, Kanye West committing a sin by using his phone during The Cher Show, and my dream of seeing Faye Dunaway as a 30-something Katharine Hepburn. Allison helps us go without a bang by busting out her impeccable “Schnap out of it!” impersonation.

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