‘Didn’t have many female figures’ YouTuber Elz the Witch on childhood insight
11th March 2022

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Elz the Witch, 30, has been regularly posting gaming videos on YouTube since 2018 and has become a household name in the gaming industry, even attending the recent BRIT awards. The YouTuber has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about how she made it in the industry and broke into a male-dominated field.

Gaming is a male-dominated industry.

Elz the Witch

Elz began gaming aged eight, and is known for her regular commentaries on games such as The Sims and Fortnite.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Elz revealed how she made it in gaming and how there was a lack of “female figures” in the gaming industry when she started out.

She said: “As a female in the gaming space there are always challenges.

“Growing up I didn’t have any female figures to look up to that were vocal about their love for gaming.

“These days with the internet and online access, there are loads more women who are present within the industry, and I’d like to think that the work I do encourages females to embrace their love for gaming without any compromise.”

She continued: “Everyone should be encouraged to be themselves, I feel really passionately about not fitting into a box and breaking boundaries – and I want other females to feel motivated to do the same.”

Since starting her YouTube in 2018, Elz has now over 200,000 subscribers and has worked with the likes of KSI, Harry Pinero and AJ Tracey, as well as many other big names.

However, the road to her success has not always been as smooth sailing, due to breaking into a male-dominated industry.

About the divide, she said: “Gaming is a male-dominated industry, and people tend to perceive it that way too.

“But I’ve started to notice the impact that females are having in the space.

“With the rise of live streaming and YouTube, there are tons of women making their mark and it’s really great to see.

She continued: “Naturally there are still some divided areas, not all games appeal to everyone, and the games that we see in eSports normally have a heavy male audience – this isn’t to say that women don’t play these games, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

“I try not to focus on the divide and prefer to look at the positive steps that are being taken.”

Elz knows breaking the barrier will not be an “overnight fix” and there is lots of work still to be done.

She added: “It’s not an overnight fix, but I plan to keep being present in the industry, breaking doors down so that there’s more inclusion for my female peers, and more opportunities for young female gamers.”

Elz is an ambassador for 2022’s Women’s Euro Football Tournament.

As well as gaming, YouTube and presenting, Elz also hosts on KISS FRESH radio.

On the show she brings her passion for music, competition and jokes to the trending lists on Saturdays.

The gamer is currently partnered with Sonos, to share gaming tips.

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