Dan Walker: Strictly star prepared for ‘hateful’ criticism of his faith ‘Skin of a rhino’
1st September 2021

Dan Walker grills Dominic Raab about his holiday

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker has said that he won’t let any criticism get to him when he takes to the dancefloor for Strictly Come Dancing next month. The former Football Focus host, 44, revealed that he has developed “the skin of a rhino” when it comes to hearing other people’s opinions of him, which he says has come from his Christian faith.

I never mind what people write or say about me

Dan Walker

As a public figure and an avid user of social media, Dan is used to reading what others think of him, but the star has told how he doesn’t let the comments get under his skin.

He said: “I never mind what people write or say about me.”

The star went on to reveal that his carefree attitude is down to his faith.

Dan explained: “That’s because, as a Christian, I don’t take my value from what people think about me.

“I know I can’t control all those things, hurtful or hateful, whatever they might be, that people say about me or my family, or about my faith.

“And I’m thankful that I’ve developed the skin of a rhino,” he added on The Profile podcast.

The newsreader is set to take to the dancefloor next month in a bid to win the coveted Glitterball trophy.

Recently, the sports reporter hit back at claims he was “nasty” and “unpleasant” towards Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab during an interview on BBC Breakfast.

Dan last week challenged Dominic about his recent family holiday to Greece, as he highlighted the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, adding that many social media users asked him to pose the questions to the Foreign Secretary.

Dominic slammed claims he was lounging around instead of focusing on Afghanistan after insisting that he wouldn’t have gone away at all if he knew what was coming.

Dan then asked: “Fully understood and I appreciate your honesty in answering those questions, so can I ask you one further one on that, were you then told or asked to come home on Friday and then persuaded the Prime Minister to allow you to stay until Sunday?”

Dominic said such claims were “nonsense” and echoed again he was focused on the Taliban crisis.

Dan’s approach to the interview was slammed by many viewers on Twitter.

One claimed the interview was “pathetic and cheap non-journalism”.

Another wrote: “BBC trash yet again even though people are on holiday they can still communicate, it’s like working from home.”

Hitting back in view of his 722,000 followers, he wrote: “For those accusing me of being ‘nasty’ & ‘unpleasant’ to @DominicRaab… I simply asked the Foreign Secretary for facts: when? why? & where? are the journalistic basics.

“If that is ‘nasty’ & ‘unpleasant’ then I’m not sure you’ve watched enough telly.”

It’s not the first time the presenter has had to defend himself following an interview with a member of parliament.

In January 2020, he was accused of being too “soft” during an interview with Boris Johnson.

Strictly Come Dancing is set to return to screens on BBC One next month.

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