Chrissy Teigen Is ‘Bitter’ About Seeing Husband John Legend Work Out
11th December 2018

Chrissy Teigen opened up about some surprising details in her relationship with John Legend, as the Lip Sync Battle co-host and author features on the cover of Elle UK’s January issue. In the in-depth interview, Teigen opens up about her marriage and growing family, along with the curious fact that she tries to prevent her husband from working out, according to a report by E! News.

Teigen and Legend first met on the video set for the singer’s single “Stereo” in 2007, eventually going on to tie the knot in 2013. Describing their first impressions, Teigen said, “We just clicked. It wasn’t like ‘he’s so sexy!’ But he did make the first move, for sure.”

The couple got to know each other well over the course of a video shoot that stretched on for 12 hours, with Teigen saying, “We spent 12 hours together, so that’s like 12 dates, right?”

Teigen described how the relationship went on to develop, saying, “Still, ‘It was never like ‘this is the man I’m going to marry. There’s also those normal stories where you date and talk and just grow together. I do remember talking to him on the phone the next day for hours, though. He was on tour. And I’d never do that now.”

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More than a decade after that initial meeting, Legend and Teigen now share two children with each other, Luna, 2, and Miles, 6 months. Caring for such young children, the couple has developed a fairly regimented routine for childcare, with one notable aspect that arises due to a “bitter” Teigen.

Talking about Legend’s workout routine and her wish that he would discontinue it, Teigen said, “He can’t work out while I’m awake because I’ll stop him. I’m just bitter. Seeing your husband get fit while you’ve got your post-baby body, I’m like, ‘F–k you, take a day off!’”

However, these differences in personalities play a major role in why the couple seems to mesh so well together and stand the test of time, at least according to Teigen.

“He’s quieter than me, which isn’t saying much. But he’s more thoughtful, whereas I’m spur of the moment,” says Teigen. “I can’t hide things very well. If I feel it, you’ll see it on my face, but he’s better at covering. I was never that big into music. Still to this day, I’m very Top 40. And I’m more emotion-based than him. I can see everybody’s side of an argument.”

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