Chris Sails Draws Backlash After Kissing College Freshman In YouTube Video
9th October 2022

In the footage, the 27-year-old YouTuber can be seen asking questions to people at a college campus as he asks one girl, ‘What body part [does] a man find more attractive on a female?’

AceShowbizChris Sails has come under fire over his recent YouTube video. The YouTuber found himself being dragged by many Twitter users after he kissed a college freshman in the now-viral clip.

In the footage, the 27-year-old was asking questions to people at a college campus. He asked one of the girls, “what body part [does] a man find more attractive on a female?” The two then kissed on the mouth.

Meanwhile, Chris questioned another student whether he could kiss her on the cheek or grab her butt. The student said she chose the kiss.

The video was re-shared by one person on Twitter, who wrote, “ion even have nun to say, dude SICK ASF.” The individual added, “Why is Chris Sails at PV?”

Another user argued, “There is no reason why Chris Sails should’ve been able to walk on our campus as a 27 year old man, kissing 17 and 18 year old students.” Someone else fumed, “N***a took his old a** to a college campus for YT content?”

More came forward to blast Chris. “ain’t you at least 30 DAM [throwing up emojis],” one person raged, to which someone else replied, “He 27yrs old.” A different user then chimed in, “Still too damn old.”

Chris has caught wind of the criticism. Defending himself, he tweeted, “Lmao if I wanted to date a freshman in college I can do that tf wrong with people.” He continued, “It be people dating eachother with huge age gaps.”

“Once your of age you are legal to talk to any age you want. Hope off my d**k,” he further noted. “It’s 18 year olds f**king sugar daddy’s.”

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