Chris Janson’s Custom-Made Guitar Was Stolen
5th January 2019

Country singer Chris Janson has taken to Facebook to inform and ask fans to help him find his missing guitar.

“Over the Holiday break, my custom @Fender guitar (shown in photo below) was stolen out of the car, after playing the Opry. If ANYone sees or hears about it, please notify local PD and ME! Thanks y’all,” he wrote, attaching a picture of himself playing the guitar onstage.

He also added that he will be forgiving of the thieves if they decide to return it themselves, writing: “And if by chance the thieves read this post, please know that I forgive, and will accept an apology and a return, with no repercussion.”

The post has already garnered nearly 400 shares and 170 comments, with enraged fans offering condolences and expressing their anger at the thieves.

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