Cardi B Shows Off Offset’s Latest Romantic Gesture & Gushes Over Her ‘Love’ For Him: Watch
4th March 2019

Offset upped his game again, and Cardi B’s feeling her husband’s love! Find out what totally romantic thing the Migos rapper did this time to prove his love to his wife!

Offset was not messing around when he said he was going regain his wife’s love! Cardi B showed off her husband’s latest romantic gesture on Instagram, showing her fans that he left her a path of rose petals throughout the house. He legit did the cheesiest move from romantic comedies: scattering a trail of rose petals into their bedroom, where they formed a giant, red heart on the bed. He also left Cardi a bouquet of pink roses. Because she’s Cardi, she blurted out this when she saw the surprise: “Damn! He wants me to suck his d**k for hours today. Well, let me start getting drunk!”

She captioned the Instagram video, though, “I love you @offsetyrn.” So, whatever Offset’s intentions were in the gesture, it totally worked. He’s learned from his past mistakes! Offset’s trying so hard right now because he nearly screwed up his entire marriage by cheating on his wife. Cardi didn’t stay silent about how she felt, and they nearly got divorced. But after some dedicated work behind the scenes, they pulled through and are more in love than ever.

He opened up about the experience in a candid interview with The Breakfast Club, he said that social media “for sure” tried to convince Cardi to kick him to the curb for good. But that drama made him realize how Cardi truly felt when she took him back. “That’s how I know she loves me. She gave me my space, my peace. She loves me,” he said. On top of that, he apologized to Cardi in his new song, “Don’t Lose Me”. The song, off his solo album Father of 4, features this tear-inducing speech: “And I apologize, you know what I’m saying, for breaking your heart, breaking our heart, breaking God’s promise. And for being a selfish and messed up husband, you know what I’m saying. I’m trying to be a better person.”

I love you @offsetyrn ❤️❤️❤️

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So, Offset knows he messed up. He told Esquire in a February 21 interview that they’re simply taking things slow in their marriage right now and focusing on their daughter, Kulture. Of course, showering Cardi with roses also helps!

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