Cardi B Delights in Seafood and Fruit Platter While Performing for NYE in Australia
31st December 2018

Cardi B is partial to the land down under … she likes the people, the fruit, the caviar and the way they celebrate New Year’s.  

Cardi performed in Perth on Sunday and Monday, and she was awestruck by the way the Aussies ring in the New Year.

She was also awestruck by the fruit and seafood platter, sampling caviar for the first time. Cardi posted video of her trip on a private jet to Sydney, where she’s clearly living in style.

She’s definitely way happier than she was Monday in Australia … when she railed on people starting baseless rumors about her and other celebrities and said she would never conform to the “norms” of being famous.  

Offset was thousands of miles away. He’s performing with Migos in Miami for New Year’s Eve, but it looks like they’re on their way to some sort of reconciliation.

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