Cardi B Called Her Fight With Nicki Minaj "Bad For Business"
11th December 2018

Cardi B is once again talking about that night at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party where she tried to put a hole in Nicki Minaj‘s head through the use of a wayward Louboutin. But surprisingly, she isn’t talking about how excited she is for round two and letting Nicki know which street corner to meet her on for the follow-up.

Cardi did an interview with Maurice DuBois on CBS This Morning, and of course they had to talk about the throwdown. Maurice asked Cardi if she thought the whole scene was “embarrassing”.  Here’s her answer:

“It’s unnecessary. Am I embarrassed by anything I do? No.”

You know, I believe her. I think if Cardi B accidentally peed herself on a rollercoaster she’d be like: “Yeah, and what? We all gotta pee!” and then release a song called Miss Pissed.

Cardi went on to say that the publicity the fight garnered, which was substantial, was actually “bad for business”.

“You know a lot of people like to say, any publicity is good publicity… To me, it’s not because that takes away from people paying attention to your craft. It makes people not even care about your craft, they just wanna see drama.”

Cardi is really blossoming before our very eyes into a professional famous person who spews out bullshit like she means. She was even talking about how her break up isn’t a stunt, so clearly she’s recently had a meeting with her manager about publicity and it’s affects after her missed court snafu.

As for Ms. Minaj, even though she initially said she was “humiliated” by the altercation, she’s still out here making a dollar off of it, so I guess we know where she falls on the “All publicity is good publicity” front, don’t we?


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