Candace Cameron Bure Hospitalized After Go-Karting Accident
7th December 2018

Candace Cameron Bure is healing after a go-karting trip gone wrong, which led to a trip to the hospital.

The Fuller House actress revealed on her Instagram that she suffered a hand injury on Thursday (December 6).

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“Went go-karting with my brother and two sisters. I’ve been released now, but was in the ER,” she explained.

“Clearly I am fine … but got some damage to my hand, but it’s not broken, and my shoulder, but it’s not broken.”

She explained that her brother “ran me over.”

“Our fun family day ended up with me in the emergency room…they got my rings off and that was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced.”

She showed off her swollen hand and bloody fingers on her Instagram as well.

“I’m fine! I’m just really bruised, which is amazing to me. I’m honestly shocked there’s nothing broken. It’s all good, I’m good.”

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