Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's Divorce Just Got SO MUCH MESSIER – Thanks To ANOTHER Couple!
26th October 2023

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced their separation in August, it was — apart from the novelty of a world leader and his spouse breaking up while in office — frankly pretty boring.

Or so we thought…

OK, so neither the PM nor his estranged Mme have said anything more about the end of their 18-year marriage, but we’re getting info because of another divorce case.

An Ottawa pediatric surgeon named Dr. Marcos Bettolli is splitting from his wife, who filed back in April. In that filing, Ana Remonda claimed her hubby had already moved on — and with an annoyingly high-profile woman. She complained after leaving the 22-year marriage he “re-partnered with a high-profile individual who attracts significant media attention, and presents significant security considerations.” A situation annoying for co-parenting at the very least — as she says there are new safety concerns “to which the children are exposed while in their father’s care.” So what does this have to do with Le Trudeaus?

The Ottawa Citizen has confirmed that high-profile woman is Sophie!

And that was on April 26 — four months before Justin and Sophie announced their separation! So just how long has Sophie been with this guy? Enough time for his ex to complain anyway! Her legal team continued:

“Ana had thought the parties had reached an agreement that the (children) would not interact with the new partner, but Marcos has not respected that and it has caused the (children) discomfort and anxiety.”

One can understand why she’d be upset. Justin Trudeau has been the target of many violent threats, and now Sophie has opened that circle to include this momma bear’s cubs! Oops!

Dr. Marcos, 48, has responded by saying his ex’s attitude toward his new lady love “is not in the children’s best interest.” In other words, it sounds like he wants the kids to love their future stepmom, and she’s getting in the way! Oof! This is a SERIOUS relationship!

If Justin was hoping his divorce would be as painless and dignified as possible for the sake of his political future, he better think again! Because Ana is allegedly turning up the heat!

Dr. Marcos claims his estranged baby momma is threatening to leak nude photos of him to the press! Per his legal filing:

“She has also, after discovering Marcos’s new relationship, accessed his personal computer files and threatened to publish intimate photos of Marcos.”

Whoa! Now THAT is a woman scorned! Something tells us this is just the beginning of the divorce drama for these two — and now the Trudeaus have put their feet right in it!

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