Camila Cabello Caused a Huge Stir Online With Controversial 'The Voice' Decision
17th October 2022

When it comes to the battle rounds on The Voice season 22, Camila Cabello has already needed to make tough calls with her competitors. But if the most recent decision the coach made proved anything, it’s that the fans have her back in how she’s choosing her team.

During the most recent episode, fans got to see contestants Morgan Myles and Steven McMorran duke it out to earn a spot on Camila’s team in the knockout rounds. As the aspiring artists performed what Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend determined to be a rousing rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” it became pretty hard for their mentor to decide between the two.

“That was my first battle as a coach on The Voice, and I had the pleasure of welling up with pride,” she said on the NBC show. “Both of you guys I truly believe are so, so special. The winner of this battle is Morgan.”

While Morgan was ecstatic about besting out her fellow teammate, it was evident that Camila had some unresolved feelings over her decision. In an unexpected twist, she used her one save during the battle rounds on Steven. After a heart-pumping showdown, The Voice host Caron Daly said goodbye to the contestant but the former Fifth Harmony member had more to say.

“I can’t sleep peacefully knowing that we have not cracked the code yet, that moment for you, that song,” Camila explained for her reason to save Steven. “I only get one save, and I see something in him.”

Reacting to the shocking moment, The Voice fans were incredibly supportive of Camila’s choice, and they let her know.

“I gotta give Camila credit. She definitely knows how the competition works and knows what she’s doing,” one fan on YouTube. “I think she is right! There is something about his voice that hasn’t been fully tapped into yet!!” another viewer commented. “Sooo happy Camila used her save! Definitely so worth it,” a different person added.

What’s more, folks were in awe over how great Steven and Morgan sounded together. “This doesn’t even feel like a battle, it feel like a duet. It was beautiful ❤️,” someone commented. “They compliment each other so well. They should form a duo group. Their voices blend so well,” one person quipped.

We can all agree that Camila knows how to play the game and who knows, she might just come out the winner after this save.

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