BTS's Suga Felt 'Frustrated' Watching His Members Work Without Him After His Recent Surgery
8th January 2021

The members of BTS have worked side by side for over seven years. However, rapper Suga recently had to take a break from taking on activities with his members because of a surgery. While some people would see the hiatus as a deserving rest, Suga admitted that he felt more “frustrated” when watching the rest of BTS work without him.

Suga underwent a shoulder surgery in November

In early November 2020, Big Hit Entertainment shared with fans that Suga underwent a surgery to fix a problem in his shoulder.

The company said on their Weverse platform, “Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3. The surgery, to address a problem that had constantly been a health and wellness issue for Suga, was completed successfully, and he is currently resting and recovering following his physician’s advice that SUGA must undergo a strict and unhindered period of recovery.”

According to Jimin, who spoke with fans about Suga’s recovery in a live stream on Nov. 11, the BTS rapper’s surgery was intended to make his health better and allow him to continue performing for a long time to come.

Suga was ‘frustrated’ that he had to take a break from working

A few weeks after Suga’s surgery, BTS released their album Be and began doing promotional activities. The group did interviews and performances with only six members, which Suga later admitted made him feel “frustrated.”

“The thing is, it’s only been a month after I got surgery, but my absence on stage is so apparent,” he told Weverse Magazine in a recent interview. “But my doctors keep telling me that I shouldn’t be impatient and in fact, many athletes get a resurgery when they return to the field without proper rehabilitation. So I’m working on trying to care less. For the first two weeks after surgery, I felt so frustrated that I tried out new things. I even watched movies I didn’t watch.”

However, the hiatus has allowed Suga to learn more about music. He revealed to Weverse that he has been playing to guitar more and studying up on different music industries.

Suga appeared during BTS’s New Year’s Eve event

While Suga was largely absent from BTS’s activities in November and December, he did appear in the group’s New Year’s Eve live event. There, Suga surprised fans with a heartfelt speech about the past and the future.

“I often wonder if I’d be a better person today, had I met the old me. It may sound like a dream. But that’s how we dream of encountering our old days,” he said, according to Elite Daily. “On the path we walked this far, countless answers and mistakes, and endless questions that had us up at night are engraved.”

He continued, referencing Big Hit’s CEO Bang Si-Hyuk, “And now here, there’s a man who’s been answering all those questions. He told us to ignore those who laughed at our dreams. That we all are walking towards to the answer of questions that can’t be erased. To not feel lonely since we’re walking together. To not grow ill again.”

It’s still not clear when Suga will officially return to working with BTS again, but he was reportedly seen on a commercial set in late December. Many fans believe this means he may be able to resume some activities sooner than expected.

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