Britney Spears Is “Ready to Take More Control” of Her Life Come 2021
2nd December 2020

Even though Britney Spears has experienced a series of setbacks when it comes to her long-standing conservatorship helmed by her father, the pop star is reportedly hopeful for what a new year can bring.

The “Toxic” singer, who is celebrating her 39th birthday today, is still determined to fight for more control of her life come 2021. Spears has been steadily involved in a court battle with her father to have him removed as the head of her conservatorship, but a California judge recently ruled that he could continue to oversee Spears’s career and finances, at least through the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Britney has had a rough year when it comes to her conservatorship. While she appreciates what her father has done for her in the past, she feels she’s ready to take more control of her finances and healthcare, and it’s been an endless struggle,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “She is excited about turning 39, and she thinks this year will be a healing year for her.”

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The singer took to Instagram Monday to share a series of sweet selfies with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, expressing her excitement over turning 39. The cute couple also recently took a quick weekend trip to Hawaii as an early birthday getaway.

“Happy b-day to me 🎂🎂🎊🎊🎊🎊🤷‍♀️⭐️⭐️😉😉🌺🌺🌹💄💄👠👠👙👙👒👒🙊🙊🐒🌷🌷🌷🌼🌼🍇🍇 !!!!” wrote Spears alongside an image of her and her beau smiling together.

If all the emoji in her birthday post tell us anything, it’s that the pop princess is keeping optimistic. And the source for ET seems to offer a similar sentiment.

“She is handling all the legal drama by staying positive and focusing on keeping a schedule each day, which has always been helpful for her state of mind. […] She spends hours in her gym and has worked to make sure she is exercising and staying focused on her health,” added the source. “She has been doing really well and those around her are so happy to see her thriving.”

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