Brie Larson Acknowledges 'Captain Marvel' Hate, Catches Flak Anew
11th September 2022

Brie Larson can’t catch a break in the world of Marvel — something she acknowledged this weekend with a snarky answer … for which the internet is once again criticizing her.

The actress was on hand Saturday at the D23 Expo — where Disney showcased a ton of new stuff they got coming out. One of those projects, “The Marvels,” involves Brie and her character Captain Marvel … only this time, it’ll include other ladies with Marvel-like powers.

While she was doing press outside the main stage area, she was asked a pretty straightforward question — how long do you think you’ll continue to play Capt. Marvel?

Her answer’s telling. She says she frankly doesn’t know, openly wondering/questioning whether people actually want her to take up the mantle any more than she already has. It was a little tense, and the interviewer tried lightening the mood … to no real avail.

Now, the backlash … Brie’s catching flak from a good amount of folks replying to this video in the comments — with their main gripe being, why is she making such a big passive-aggressive stink over such a layup of a question … especially with this saga being years old.

We’ll spare you the details of it all, but essentially … when Brie was cast as Captain Marvel back in 2018 and with its release in 2019, there was a lot of seemingly random hate aimed at her — for a variety of reasons not even we understand. Her critics say she’s simply unlikable — her advocates say she’s the victim of blatant misogyny by a rabid fan base.

The apparent dislike for her wasn’t just confined to Twitter either — there were reports of her movie and others she was affiliated with around the time getting review bombed by people who simply wanted to spite her … again, for reasons ill-defined and out of nowhere.

Some have said her support of more diverse casts/critic pools — via inclusion riders, etc. — might be a catalyst … but in any case, Brie’s obviously aware of the target on her back. FWIW, Brie’s also getting a lot of folks rushing to her defense … but it’s a mixed bag.

Of course, she’s going to do this newest movie — which comes out next year — where she’ll reprise her character … but with all the grief she’s getting, we wouldn’t be surprised if she hangs it up and moves on from the Mouse House.

John Boyega gets this all too well … he, too, had a rough go with the ‘Star Wars’ fanbase, and Disney at large. Safe to say, that studio and all that comes with it ain’t for everyone.

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