Billie and Greg reflect on the highlights of their ‘open and honest’ relationship
18th October 2021

Any couple celebrating ten years together will have their fair share of ups and downs. And none more so than TOWIE favourites Billie and Greg Shepherd. The pair celebrated their milestone anniversary with a lavish two night bash surrounded by family and friends and seemed more in love than ever. But Billie, 31 has revealed that is hasn't all been plain sailing for the pair, letting slip that building their dream home in Essex is making them 'bicker' a lot.

She said,: "To be honest with you, we have our ups and downs and we bicker like mist couples, but I do feel we're very lucky." While Greg jokes,: "Billie is very very lucky to have me!" The couple also add that they feel particularly blessed to have found one another as they 'genuinely' get along very well.

Reminiscing as they celebrate their anniversary, Billie reveals that after just one or two dates, she knew that Greg was 'the one'. "You know when you kind of get a feeling," she says. "I thought, 'Yeah, he is the one'."

The couple, who now share son Arthur four and eight year old Nelly, also say that the ten years they've been together has flown by.

"I know it's a cliche, and obviously loads has happened and it's been an amazing ten years but it's actually quite scary that I blink and we're here, ten years later. The kids will be teenagers before we know it – it's just crazy."

Greg also reveals that the moment Nelly was born seven years ago was the moment he thought, "it's time to grow up now."

Meanwhile Billie says the biggest way she has changed over the course of their relationship is learning to be patient! I've definitely learnt the art of patience with all three of them," she says.

Billie also reveals that though they, of course, spend lots of time as a family, that she and Greg try to prioritise one another too.

"As a couple, we love to have fun and it’s really healthy to do stuff together like date nights if you can. Even if it’s putting the kids to bed early and having a bottle of wine and dinner together. When we were younger we just had so much freedom."

She adds, "We’ve both matured and our priorities have changed."

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