Bethenny Frankel’s Plane Forced To Turn Around To Save Her From Another Deathly Allergic Reaction
4th January 2019

Just a few weeks after suffering a frightening allergic reaction mid-air, The Real Housewives Of New York City star Bethenny Frankel encountered another scary allergy-related situation, when she discovered the plane she was traveling on was serving fish during the flight.

Despite checking with the airline prior to her Thursday flight, Frankel was shocked to find out that bass was still being cooked and served. As People Magazine reported, the reality star brought the mishap to the attention of the in-flight crew, who made an announcement that the plane would be turning around.

“Called airline mult [iple] x [times] to say I have fish allergy. Got on & they’re serving bass. They couldn’t not serve it they said. Then they were turning around which I protested bc it would delay people. Cabin asked to not serve it & pilot made announcement to plane. That was fun,” Frankel said in a tweet about the ordeal.

She also shared a story of a young boy in New York City who recently lost his life due to an anaphylactic reaction to fish being cooked in a home that he was visiting. Cameron Jean-Pierre, 11, was at his grandmother’s house on New Year’s day, when the family was preparing a celebratory seafood meal when the boy became unable to breathe and lost consciousness after his father attempted to rescue him by using a nebulizer.

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“We knew he had an allergy… but usually, he don’t get nothing that severe like that. He don’t eat fish. We don’t put it around him. It just so happens they was cooking it when we came in,” the boys father revealed to Fox News.

Frankel has been an outspoken activist for the allergy community since her diagnosis. Last month, she suffered a reaction after eating soup that was cross-contaminated with seafood, causing her to swell up and lose consciousness. She was hospitalized in Boston at Newton Wellesley Hospital and took to her social media to spread awareness and stress the importance of always carrying the life-saving medicine, epinephrine.

She also used her social media platforms to spread awareness of how being trapped in a confined space, such as an airplane cabin, can set off a reaction that can be deadly. She expressed that she feels as though the airlines need to make changes so that those with allergies can travel safely. Frankel, 48, also admitted that she is sometimes self-conscious of having the allergy and that the most recent public episode didn’t help the situation.

“To clarify: some allergens are transmitted by touch & air. Fish is one & is fatal. The more exposure to them, the more susceptible. It’s not like an immunity thing where more exposure means less susceptible. It’s opposite. I’ve always kept it quiet but that’s over now,” she tweeted, following the most recent ordeal.

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