Best Friends Who Mysteriously Disappeared After Wedding Found Dead In Pond Of Nearby Golf Course
8th April 2022

Two women who mysteriously vanished after a wedding have been found dead.

23-year-old Alyssa Ros and 22-year-old Xylona Gama attended a wedding in Ripon, California on Sunday and planned to drive to Modesto that night, to Alyssa’s father’s house. They never made it.

Just two days after going missing, the longtime friends were found dead inside a vehicle submerged in the Stanislaus River near the Spring Creek Country Club on Tuesday, according to the Ripon Police Department. Employees had spotted a car that matched the description in the missing person investigation in the river near the southeastern part of the golf course, and they quickly called the authorities. Members of the police department, along with firefighters and rescue personnel, went to the scene and retrieved the vehicle from the river and discovered the bodies of the childhood friends.

So sad…

How they ended up in the river remains a mystery as police say there is no evidence of any criminal activity or foul play at this time. Speaking to ABC10, Alyssa’s father, Phalnithaba Ros, revealed that he had also attended the wedding but ended up leaving early after receiving a call from his other children, who wouldn’t stop crying at home. He immediately left, forgetting to say goodbye to Alyssa, not knowing it would be his last chance. So awful. He told the outlet:

“I called her and she said ‘It’s OK, daddy. I’m fine. You know, just go take care of the boys. I’m around family. Nothing’s gonna happen to me.”

Approximately an hour later, his daughter called him to let him know that she, Xylona, and some other guests were heading back to his house. However, they never showed. Phalnithaba soon became worried and tried to call Alyssa, but her phone was apparently “dead”:

“Everyone shows up at my house, and my daughter doesn’t show up with her friend. And I was wondering, ‘What’s going on?’ I call her phone. It’s dead.”

When he called her friend’s cell phone, same thing — it went straight to voicemail:

“I called every couple hours just to see if they had their phone on getting charged. No one picked up.”

Tragically, Phalnithaba received a text message from a friend on Tuesday that showed a screenshot of a golf course employee saying he found two missing girls dead in the Stanislaus River. He raced over to the area and confirmed it was his daughter and her bestie:

“My heart fell just out of my chest, you know, and I just broke down. That was something that I just didn’t want to hear. It’s unreal.

We can only imagine how much pain both of these families are experiencing right now. A GoFundMe has since been set up by Alyssa’s stepmother, Kimlyn Ros, in order to help pay for the funeral costs. She described her step-daughter as someone with a “genuine” heart, writing:

“We will forever Cherish the time and memories that we were able to spend with Alyssa as we watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. Alyssa was a person who saw the good in each and every one of us. Her energy radiated through all that was around her, and her heart was so genuine.”

Kimlyn continued:

“She wanted the very best for all the people she knew, and for all that was around her. She most definitely made that known through her charismatic personality. She was so Free-Spirited, Kind Hearted, Strong, and So Intelligent. She was so so so beautiful inside and out.”

Our hearts go out to Alyssa and Xylona’s families during this troubling time. Hopefully, they will have some answers as to what led to this terrible tragedy soon.

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