BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent hits back as ‘disappointed’ Olympian calls out show
14th March 2022

Sally and Carol tease Dan Walker over his golf chat

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Dan Walker, 44, couldn’t contain his excitement when the BBC Breakfast team was joined by sports journalist John Watson. However, Sally Nugent, 50, did not share this excitement, especially when they discussed golf, leading to the presenter to react to a “disappointed” Olympic golfer on Twitter surrounding the interview.

I was joking!

Sally Nugent

Olympian Catriona Matthew OBE wrote on Twitter: “Disappointing from @sallynugent this morning being so open about her disdain for #golf on @BBCBreakfast… great #holeinone @ShaneLowryGolf.”

Sally replied in view of her 143,000 followers: “I was joking. I love golf.”

Her co-presenter Dan also took to Twitter to respond to the same comment, justifying Sally’s actions.

He penned in view of his 752,400 followers: “Can I just say… we were having a laugh. Sally loves golf.

“@louiseminchin used to give me the ‘golf eyes’ when I went on about it – Sal was referencing that.

“Lowry’s amazing ace was one of the first things we talked about this morning. Have a lovely day.”

Many took to the comments to discuss this morning’s breakfast show and the social media user’s comment.

Katieyork1 said: “Seriously @Beany25? They were having a giggle!

“I’d go back to bed and start again if I were you. And by the way not everyone has to like golf!”

Smilean44450241 added: “You should start the egg on their face club for people who spectacularly overeat to stuff.”

The social media frenzy comes after Sally and Dan talked to sports journalist John Watson.

During the conversation, Dan said: “I love golf John but when we talk about golf in this programme you can hear the collective sigh from people.

“We’ll have a ten-minute golf chat later John.”

Clearly uninterested, Sally sighed and said: “Anyway.”

Dan then laughed off his remark, quipping: “Stop it!”

However, making sure things weren’t too awkward, Sally reassured her colleague that she was in fact joking.

“I’m joking,” Sally insisted, with Dan replying: “I know you’re joking.”

Sally chimed, in reference to former BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin: “I’m carrying on tradition.”

Dan continued: “Thankfully Louise isn’t here to give the golf eyes. I can just see her glazing over.”

Moving the conversation forward, Dan spoke about weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood and her love for golf.

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