BBC Addresses Reports That Jodie Whittaker is Leaving ‘Doctor Who’
4th January 2021

Is Jodie Whittaker really leaving Doctor Who?

It was recently reported that the 38-year-old actress is planning on leaving the show after its upcoming 13th season.

BBC has now responded to the reports, telling Digital Spy, “We won’t be commenting on any speculation around Jodie’s future on the show.”

Jodie made history as Doctor Who‘s first ever female Time Lord, taking on the role in 2017 for season 11.

If she does leave after season 13, Jodie would be following in the footsteps of fellow Doctors, including Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi, who left the show after three seasons.

Season 13 of Doctor Who is set to premiere in the fall in the United Kingdom. The new season will have just eight episodes, after the pandemic affected production.

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