Ariel Winter Will Force Her Christmas Guests to Eat This
25th December 2018

AceShowbiz -Actress Ariel Winter will be forcing her Christmas guests to tuck into her baked desserts because she doesn’t want her hard work to go to waste.

The “Modern Family” star reveals she has become quite the baker in recent years, and she enjoys it so much, so often whips up more pies than necessary for dinner parties and other gatherings.

“I’ve always been a baker, love baking!” she gushed on U.S. talk show “GMA Day”. “I would bake pies all of the time whenever we had guests, but we only ever had like, six guests, and I’d make four pies, and nobody would eat them and I’d get really disappointed!”

Ariel has since switched up her dessert goodies whenever she has company visiting, but for Christmas, she expects everyone to at least give her pies a try.

“I just started making chocolate chip cookies (for parties) and people actually love those,” she explained. “They’re nothing super special though, they’re just normal chocolate chip cookies, but everyone in my family (and) friends, love them, so it’s less work than the pies, but I’ll make the pies at the holidays and will force everyone to at least have a slice!”.

As for the rest of the Christmas menu, Ariel, 20, prefers to leave the main meal to someone else to take care of.

“I didn’t start cooking until about eight months ago,” she shared. “I usually was terrible at cooking – really, really terrible. But I also don’t think I put any effort in!”.

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