Ariana Grande Told Her Fans To Be "Gentler" With Pete Davidson
5th December 2018

The problem with living your life very publicly, sharing every fart, ass-mole, and detail about your dick, is that it’s hard to shut the door because you’ve already let the riff raff inside. Pete Davidson’s learning this lesson the hard way. Yesterday Pete posted a plea on Instagram for people, namely fans of his ex partner-in-overexposure Ariana Grande, to stop bullying him online and telling him to kill himself when they meet him in the streets. Luckily for Pete, while Ariana may not not have his dad’s badge number tattooed on her foot anymore, she’s still got his back.

According to Glamour, Ari responded to a fan who asked about Pete’s post. Apparently she didn’t know about it because Pete has her blocked. But she took the high road nevertheless and followed up with an Instagram story asking her fans to back off.

Here’s the direct message Ari responded with when asked about Pete’s declaration of victim-hood.

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