Ariana Grande Is In Trouble With Vegans For Her Non-Vegan Starbucks Drink
8th March 2019

The thing that surprised me the most from this story is the fact that Ariana Grande is allegedly a vegan. I’m not sure how that’s possible when you’re lugging around 90 pounds of horse mane on the top of your head, but I guess her vegan principles don’t apply to appearance.

Earlier this week, Ari unleashed a signature drink at Starbucks called the Cloud Macchiato, which she then tried to suggest as a vegan option by using soy milk. Of course the real vegans were watching from the sidelines waiting to drag her by the ponytail for telling lies, because the Cloud Macchiato can NEVER be a vegan option since it includes dairy.

In her never ending quest at doing the most, Ariana posed with a bunch of dogs while sucking on a cold version of the Cloud Macchiato through a straw with the hashtag #trythesoyversion on Twitter. However, VegNews reports that a spokesperson for Starbucks revealed to them that even if they take Ari’s suggestion and use soy instead of regular milk, it won’t make a difference because the beverage ain’t for vegans.

A spokesperson for Starbucks has confirmed to VegNews that the Cloud Macchiato cannot be made vegan, even if soy milk is used in place of dairy milk, as the foam is made with egg whites.

After people found out that Ari was pulling their dicks by trying to destroy their ultra-clean living, Vegan Twitter ran up on her with a pair of brass knuckles to express their disappointment.

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