Are you ready to see how ‘The Crown’ handles William & Kate’s college years?
20th March 2023

The Crown’s Season 6 has been filming for months, but in the past week, paparazzi have gotten a lot of shots of the two young actors playing Prince William and Kate Middleton. Ed McVey is the late-teen William and Meg Bellamy plays College Kate. The Crown is actually filming in St. Andrews, and some of these photos definitely look vaguely like the paparazzi photos of William from his actual university years. The Crown’s casting can sometimes be all over the place, but I think Bellamy and McVey appear to be well-cast. Is McVey more attractive than William? Yes.

Vanity Fair had a piece analyzing the photos from the set, and they suggest that the scenes being filmed are of William seeing Kate around campus and “longing” for her or something. So… maybe we should have another conversation about William and Kate’s actual history? Because Kate had been trying to throw herself in William’s path for years before she even followed him to St. Andrews. Even Kate’s hagiographer Katie Nicholl said that flat-out: Kate had been trying to get in with William’s crowd for a while, they met before university, she copykeened his gap year plans and then followed him to St. Andrews. Robert Lacey confirmed it too – William ended up dating and marrying his stalker.

So… yeah, I will be curious to see how the start of Will & Kate’s relationship is handled on The Crown, especially given Robert Lacey’s involvement as a royal historian/advisor on the show. Will they show even a smidge of the real history? Also: I love the late ‘90s and early ‘00s college fashion. Yes, everyone wore super-flared bootcut jeans back then.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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