Andrew Spencer Speaks Out on Resurfaced Tweets: "That Is 1,000 Percent Not Who I Am Today"
27th July 2021

Andrew Spencer is addressing his recently resurfaced tweets. The Bachelorette contestant spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the Men Tell All special, opening up about the past tweets, which ET reports were “fatphobic, racially charged, and misogynistic.” Apparently Andrew also called former President Donald Trump “hilarious.”

“That’s just really immature,” he said at the Men Tell All taping. “I own it and I don’t downplay anything about it. I’m really sorry that people had to see that side of me. Obviously, you don’t want to hide that. That’s a part of my life and I own it, but that’s nowhere near the person I am today. I obviously show that every single day in how I speak. If my mom would’ve saw those tweets, she would’ve whooped my ass for sure.”

Andrew went on to explain that the tweets are “100 percent not who I am and not who my family raised me to be. [I’m] definitely disappointed and embarrassed about that but that is 1,000 percent not who I am today.”

Andrew said goodbye to Katie Thurston in an emotional episode last week, and has become a front-runner to be the next Bachelor. Katie herself has put her support behind him as the next lead, telling Off the Vine “It was no surprise that once he did get sent home, that Twitter and Bachelor Nation blew up rooting for him to become the next Bachelor. I don’t know who the next Bachelor is yet. I don’t think the show knows. He does have my vote. I am rooting for him for sure.”

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