Amy Schumer Vomits in Public Bathroom Due to Pregnancy Sickness
8th December 2018

Amy Schumer is deep into her second trimester, and she’s sharing all the joy and beauty that comes with expecting one’s first child … JK she’s barfing in a public bathroom.

Deep in my second trimester and all i can say is nope! Yesterday i did a show 90 minutes later #soblessed #godsmiracle #lepainbathroom 🦄

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The comedian shared this unpleasant video Saturday morning, saying she “thought it might be fun” to see her throwing up … so she set up the camera and proceeded to toss her cookies.

Amy says she had to throw up in a public restroom Friday too … then did a show 90 minutes afterward.

Pregnancy’s been a bitch for Schumer to say the least … she was hospitalized last month for hyperemesis and says she’s been even iller during trimester #2 than the first.

Fortunately, she made a full recovery after the last complication and was back to performing days later, but it looks like she’s still dealing with more BS that comes with being pregnant than most.

Babies certainly are a blessing … but ya gotta feel bad for Amy.

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