Amy Duggar: I’m Just Like Meghan Markle! My Family Sucks Too!
10th March 2021

As you’ve likely heard by now, Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah drew a massive audience and created some serious controversuy on Sunday night,

While very, very few people will ever marry into a royal family, millions saw something of themselves in Meghan’s plight.

Anyone who has ever experienced racial prejudice or failed to meet the high standards of judgmental family members might have related to the Duchess’ struggle.

And it seems that Amy Duggar falls squarely into the latter camp.

Amy, as you know, is often considered the black sheep of her famous family,

And while her uncle Jim Bob might not be quite as powerful as the Queen of England, he wields a great deal of clout in Northwestern Arkansas.

Earlier this week, Amy tweeted out her thoughts on the special, and it seems she saw some parallels between Meghan’s situation and her own.

“In a very small way I can sympathize with her,” Amy wrote.

“I too wasn’t protected. I too felt trapped and unheard. I felt like there was no way out, I felt used, controlled and I was scrutinized,” she continued.

From there, Amy acknowledged that her experience with the pressures of fame and overbearing relatives happened on a much smaller scale than Meghan’s.

“I can’t imagine what all she endured but I do sympathize. Suicide is never the answer and I’m so glad she has found peace,” she tweeted.

“I admire her grit, tenacity and her class. I went back and fourth asking myself ‘Do I need to send this message out?’ but the answer is yes.”

She ended with a message of encouragement to others who might fight themselves in similar situations:

“It’s so empowering to speak up!! I hope you will never be afraid to tell your story,” Amy tweeted.

Amy is one of many public figures to offer her support for Meghan in the wake of her controversial interview.

And she’s part of an even larger group of those who identified in some small way with the pressures of expectations from overbearing family members.

In Meghan’s case, the judgment came primarily from her in-laws, and in Amy’s it was her aunt and uncle who made her feel crushed by the weight of their expectations.

But the despair experienced by both women was no doubt very similar.

Like Meghan, Amy has been forced to publicly cut ties with people whom she once loved.

And while her situation will never receive anywhere near the level of media attention that’s been heaped on Meghan and Harry, Amy knows the pain of seeing her family drama used as tabloid fodder.

Tontitown, Arkansas and Buckingham Palace might be very different worlds, but Amy and Meghan’s experiences are, in some ways, remarkably similar.

In recent months Amy has been dragged back into the conflicts within the Duggar clan, and like Meghan, it seems that she simply wants out.

We’re sure Amy will take some flak for what some might see as a melodramatic comparison.

But part of what made Meghan’s testimony so powerful was how vulnerable and relatable she seemed.

And at the end of the day, all families are more like than they are different.

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