All the Places Sunglass Cat Keeps It Cool in Denver
24th December 2018

It’s very simple, really: when you’re a cat who wears sunglasses, you get a lot of attention.

At PetCon in New York City last month, a constant flow of people popped by for a peek at Sunglass Cat, a gray and white feline whose preferred attire is a bedazzled pair of shades.

The glasses may be her staple, but they’re really more function than fashion. The cat was born without eyelids and they protect her eyes from the sun and elements, all while helping her garner over 140,000 followers on Instagram.

“She loves people so all the attention she gets is just more snuggles and chin scratches for her,” the cat’s owner, Karen McGill, tells Us Weekly. “She thinks everyone loves cats so she likes to go curl up next to them.”

As a part of Us Weekly’s VIPet Scene series, McGill shared all the places the cat likes to be crazy cute in Denver, one of their favorite cities. Scroll on to read more!

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