Adele Roberts humiliated late Jade Goody for a verruca in BB screaming match
20th November 2019

Adele Roberts mercilessly mocked late Jade Goody for a verruca in Big Brother.

Explosive scenes revisited saw the fierce DJ engage in a expletive-laden row with the late reality star in Big Brother in 2002.

Jade, who later died of cervical cancer in 2009, was reduced to tears of embarrassment in harrowing scenes aired on the reality show.

Adele didn't think twice at the time when she humiliated the late telly personality in front of the all Big Brother stars.

The DJ pointed out she should be wearing flip flops in the showers because of her verruca.

But Jade shared she had never had a verruca before and she didn't know what they were.

Later, she wound up in bed crying her eyes out as she lamented the BBC Radio 1 star had shamed her for all eyes to see.

She said: "She said basically I was mean. I had a verruca, I don't know what they are.

"She said to me. I've never had this before so I don't know. You said to me in front of everyone, 'urgh' you should wear flip flops. Urgh."

It set eye-popping fireworks off in the Big Brother household as her emotional display only enraged the radio personality.

Adele told Jade to "f*** off" in a furious tirade as they clashed heads over what went down in the shower room.

She yelled: "F*** off. She's [Jade is] sat there lying and crying."

Jade chanted "urgh, urgh" which she claimed Adele had expelled after seeing her bare feet with a verruca.

Adele disputed she ever spat "urgh" as she claimed she said Jade had "fungus" on her skin.

Ahead of her I'm A Celeb stint, she confessed she regretted the row she had with Jade in Big Brother.

She said: "Looking back, I carried a lot of guilt about the way I acted in Big Brother and I feel like I let myself down and I could have been a much nicer person

"I’d like to show a better side to myself this time. To both the campmates in there by treating them better but also to come out and have a positive experience not a negative one.

"I just think I judged people when I shouldn’t have, I should have tried to get to know them a bit more and I think I probably hurt people when I didn’t realise when I was in there."

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